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Soft skills remain part of the most sought after skills according to the World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs report


As a certified trainer, I can create personalized training which corresponds to your different communication, soft skills, and intercultural training needs.

I work with corporations, startups, business and communication schools,

My conviction is that learning should be fun! 

My training programs are always, a mix of 20% theory and 80% experimentation, interaction, gamification, role play, & reverse pedagogy.

My conviction is that learning should be fun!

More and more facilitation is a sought after skill which can be used for collective intelligence and help motivate trainees in their training process. A trainee who is an active participant of his training will be much more interested and invested in the learning process.


I can either work as a trainer/facilitator for your training program or collaborate and co create personalized training programs for you.


If you need to organize a very large event, I have a wonderful network of trainers and partners that I work with regularly.


Let’s reimagine your training!

Different areas
of expertise

Leadership, charisma, presence, effective feedback


team building, intercultural communication and management

Communicate with different personalities using Disc, Process Communication

Interpersonal communication, difficult conversations

Soft Skills



self-confidence, self esteem

Public Speaking

write mic drop keynote speeches and conferences

Effective Speech structures rhetoric, storytelling, pitching,

Non verbal & paraverbal communication, stage presence

How to manage stress, Improvisation exercises

Preparation of eloquence & public speaking contests

Let’s reimagine
your training !


For who?

Corporate and Startup teams, students, associations 

How long?

Training can be ½ day, full day or several days depending on the time and budget you have available


in person or by Zoom


English or French


contact me directly, 

« I had the pleasure of working with Johanna during the revered Imagination Week held at ESSEC Business School. Johanna is a highly skilled leadership coach with a particular talent for helping individuals improve their public speaking skills. She conducted the workshop with a lot of energy and enthusiasm and made the week-long session truly enjoyable and fulfilling. Johanna also mentored me to improve and polish my storytelling skills and did an outstanding job in explaining and showcasing all the intricate details involved in winning over a crowd. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their leadership skills or public speaking abilities »

Some recent projects

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