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About me!

I’m an American living in Paris for the past twenty years.  I came here as an exchange student and fell in love… with Paris! I have an International Business degree and have always worked in multicultural environments, for major corporations and startups.

I’m truly bicultural and thanks to my different professional experiences clearly understand the importance of clear and impactful communication to successfully exchange ideas, especially between different cultures.    I’ve worked for management development programs, in project & event management and as a Master of Ceremonies/Event Host.


Why do I love communication?

As a shy, intimidated child who moved all the time, I had to learn to break out of my comfort zone to make friends.


As a foreigner in Paris, I had to learn to communicate in a language and culture I didn’t know.


As an MC of corporate events, I saw that certain speakers captivated the audience, and others put them to sleep!


As a dancer, I discovered the power and joy of connecting with the public, and the energy of nonverbal communication.


Basically, I started to understand at a very young age what makes or breaks great communication…

Mastering great communication is a soft skill and a superpower and my conviction is that everyone can become a great communicator!

Professional Qualifications

17-20 h


Certified Professional Coach,

Institut Repère

Certified NLP Practitioner,

Institut Repère

Certified Professional Trainer,

Institut Repère

Trained in Charisma and NLP,

Robert Dilts

Trained in Narrative Coaching,

Dina Scherrer

Trained in Facilitation,


BA of International Business,

San Diego State University, San Diego, CA, USA

Member of

Toastmasters International,

Association Française des Conférenciers Professionnels

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