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Communication is a superpower!

When we understand the keys to great communication, we can unlock unlimited doors in life. Whether its communication with one person, or in front of 1000 people. Communication is about how we speak to others and just as importantly how we speak to ourselves.

A coach’s job is to help you clarify your objective and understand the limiting beliefs which may be blocking you.  Communicating well is not just about teaching you how to write clear, eloquent messages, project your voice, and improve your gestures and posture.  

Great communication is a journey which starts on the inside…

Great communication is a journey which starts on the inside… 

Becoming an impactful speaker means believing in yourself and your legitimacy as a speaker.

Overcoming the fear of being judged, and the fear of the public.


My style of coaching is transformational coaching.

I work from the inside out. Starting with your self-confidence and self-esteem, teaching you how

to write powerful messages and finishing with perfecting your public speaking techniques!

I can teach you how to inspire, lead and motivate with charisma and finesse. How to write

mic drop keynote speeches and conferences. How to communicate and collaborate with

different personalities and nationalities and work better as a team.

How to give effective feedback and how to have difficult conversations. 

Different areas
of expertise




Self-confidence, self-esteem, imposter syndrome

Communicate with different personalities using Disc, Process Communication

Understand Interculturel communication

Public speaking techniques; non verbal & paraverbal communication, stage presence

Effective speech structures:  rhetoric, storytelling, pitching,

For who?

Any person who wishes to unleash

and empower his communication personally or professionally.

Leaders, Managers, Entrepreneurs, Professional Conference Speakers

How many sessions?

Typically 8 – 10 sessions

How long?

1.5 hours, twice a month

*Accelerated sessions are also possible

if you need coaching before an important event


in person or by Zoom


English or French


contact me directly, 

Individual coaching sessions are determined based on your needs and objective. 
*Pro bono coaching:  I do 1 half day of pro bono coaching per month for students or people who can’t afford private coaching.

How to write MIC DROP keynote speeches and conferences

Interpersonal communication, difficult conversations, effective feedback

Let's create
some magic!


Caroline Delannoy  Psychologist, Executive Coach HEC

« Johanna Morillon est une des rares coachs pouvant accompagner sur les 3 fondamentaux que sont : potentialiser son leadership + augmenter sa capacité à engager les autres via la communication interpersonnelle et en public + améliorer son ajustement interculturel.
Elle combine parfaitement avec rigueur et enthousiasme le coaching et la formation. Elle a réalisé des coaching pour des professionnels que je connais à forte responsabilité dans des univers exigeants et j'ai moi-même eu la chance d'être accompagnée par elle. »
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