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Master of Ceremonies
Event Host
Panel Moderator 

The importance of the role of the MC / Event host is often underestimated.

A great event requires, inspirational speakers, interesting panels and an experienced MC to keep up the rhythm, and energy of the event and make sure that both the speakers and the audience have an optimal experience.


The MC helps to prepare the event beforehand, knows how to put the spotlight on the speakers, and help them to feel at ease while making sure the event stays lively, interactive and on time.


A Panel Moderator creates panels in close collaboration with the panelists, facilitates discussions, makes sure the event stays on time.

A great event requires, inspirational speakers, interesting panels and an experienced MC

I worked in project & event management and as Master of Ceremonies for several years at Eurosport/Discovery International before starting my own company.  I know the importance of both the backstage coordination and the frontstage of an event.


As a professional coach and trainer in communication, I have a proven capacity for effective communication with top level clients. I have developed great listening, interviewing and presentation skills.

I will be delighted to help you plan and animate your event to make it a success !

Why hire me?


My services

Before your event

  • Telephone brief to understand the event objective, audience and your needs.

  • Conception of your event: format, timing, round tables, panels, speakers

  • Coordination with the speakers, panelists and the event organizer, Including preparation of the panel questions with the panelists, the speaker bios, the award presentations, the audience questions.

  • Technical check/rehearsal with the speakers and the organizer before the event.

  • Reassures the speakers, can also coach them on public speaking if required.

During your event

  • Animation of your event: Event Host, MC, Presenter, Panel Moderator, Journalist

  • Puts the spotlight on the speakers and keeps the audience enthusiastic, interested and wanting more.

  • Knows how to handle unplanned, technical quacks and keeps calm and can go into improvisation

  • Will be dressed to represent the image of the company/event, and always smiles

  • Can host events both live and online, in English and French


For who?

Corporate events, Tradeshows, Conferences, Awards ceremonies, 


In person, online, hybrid, TV platform in a live event



English or French


contact me directly, 

Let's create
your event!

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Some recent projects

Christian HUYGHE  Directeur Scientifique Agriculture chez Inrae - Institut national de la recherche agronomique

« I highly recommend working with Johanna.   She was Master of Ceremonies and panel moderator for the scientific conference 'Towards a chemical pesticide-free agriculture' held in Dijon, as part of the EU French Presidency.   Thanks to Johanna, the day was run with precision for the content, timing and all organizational issues, on highly political topics.   All this led to a conference that was unanimously appreciated by all attendees.»
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